eDNAtec Media Library

We are pleased to offer this downloadable folder of images featuring our talented team hard at work in both the lab and the field, ideal for use in slideshows and presentations.

eDNAtec’s CEGA laboratory uses automation for sample processing to increase quality, consistency, and scalability.
eDNA water samples are collected at a marine site by eDNAtec’s field staff outside of St. John’s harbour.
eDNAtec’s genomics team uses state-of-the-art sequencing platforms, including the Illumina NovaSeq 6000, to provide deep insights into the biodiversity within every sample.
eDNAtec scientists have eDNA expertise from samples to sequences to data interpretation.
eDNAtec’s field team collect samples in a tropical forest for an environmental baseline survey in collaboration with local stakeholders.
Crew members of the Kuviuq fishing vessel, owned by the Arctic Fishery Alliance, taking eDNA water samples in Baffin Bay.
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