eDNAtec are specialists in environmental genomics ­– dedicated to improving the environmental stewardship of our oceans. Environmental genomics is revolutionizing how to assess, monitor and characterize the ocean through DNA sequencing to support the world’s ocean industries, including offshore energy, fisheries and aquaculture.

We offer environmental assessment (EA) insights that simplify the current complex, lengthy and expensive environmental assessment processes by reading the DNA within environmental samples such as sediments or seawater.

By way of comparison, our eDNA methodologies equate to looking into outer space through the Hubble Space Telescope when previously all you had was a pair of binoculars.

Environmental genomics applications can support the life cycle of ocean-based enterprises. We leverage our technology expertise and industry know-how, offering advanced genomic technologies that are transforming environmental assessment and biodiversity monitoring solutions — more accessible, reliable, safer and less expensive than traditional methods.

Environmental genomics can allow industry to operate more efficiently and complete environmental assessments faster and more accurately than was previously possible, all within a fraction of the time of traditional observational or catch-and-release studies, potentially saving millions of dollars in opportunity costs.

It is transforming what was once considered cumbersome and sometimes impossible in ocean-based assessments and monitoring, into routine operations.