Our Science

Environmental stewardship and sustainability demand a comprehensive understanding of marine biodiversity.

eDNA allows scientists to document biodiversity without direct observation. Our studies and monitoring programs are significant advancements over the current cumbersome and complex methods.

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Our Difference

The eDNAtec difference

By way of comparison, our eDNA methodologies equate to looking into outer space through the Hubble Space Telescope when previously all you had was a pair of binoculars.

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Our Standards

Repeatable protocols and quality assurance for sophisticated processes.

eDNA encompasses sophisticated processes, from designing robust surveys and accurate tests, to extracting DNA from samples. Quality control protocols are crucial for the successful use of eDNA technologies in robust biodiversity monitoring.

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Our Results

We support critical decisions that improve performance, reduce costs and risks, and help customers meet their safety, quality and regulatory objectives.

Our solutions mean collection of marine data is faster, safer and cost effective even as they provide more information at greater levels of accuracy than traditional approaches. All with minimal risk of disturbing the environment.

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