What We Do

eDNAtec are specialists in environmental genomics ­– dedicated to improving the environmental stewardship of our planet’s marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

Vision & Mission

We innovate advanced environmental genomics technologies to support environmental stewardship and social responsibility activities of our clients.


With decades of experience, our scientific and commercial teams combine technology expertise and industry know-how to offer advanced genomic technologies.


CEGA is a one-of-a-kind R&D centre with high throughput sequencing platforms and specialized data analysis tools that are completely dedicated to environmental genomics applications.


eDNAtec is innovating DNA-based tools to measure and monitor biodiversity. We are always looking for new, talented and enthusiastic people. We are seeking passionate individuals interested in making a difference at the intersection of environmental stewardship, genomics and industry.


eDNAtec is pleased to form partnerships and collaborate with organizations worldwide.