Supporting the world’s ocean industries, including offshore energy and fisheries, eDNAtec is filling a critical data gap by generating robust datasets for building a detailed understanding of how to protect, sustain and restore biodiversity. After all, tracking ocean biodiversity is relevant to all industries that operate in the ocean, even if their end goals are very different.

With the growing environmental and cost pressures associated with resource development, eDNAtec works with natural resources companies to adopt sustainable and innovative technologies with socially acceptable operations. Compared with conventional methods, sampling for eDNA is safer for both species and field staff and less harmful to the environment.

Bottom line: environmental stewardship is good for the planet and good for industry. Companies that make this core to their business drive innovation and loyalty from their customers, employees,
investors, suppliers and communities.


Our programs provide end-to-end biomonitoring services for our ocean customers, supporting their environmental stewardship, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) programs.